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This 5 module course will help those transitioning from field sales to remote selling through ASLAN’s tried and true methods formulated since 1996.  You will learn to leverage technology to engage decision makers and move them through discovery to build value Virtually!


Your customer’s loyalty will either improve or decline. Pent up demand will either quickly refill your pipeline, or it make take months or years to recover. How your sales organization responds will most likely determine the outcome.


If you are scrambling to equip a sales organization to sell virtually, this is no small task. And much is at stake. We've been doing this for over 20 years, let us help.

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Now you can transition a salesforce or just yourself to sell remotely.

Is your salesforce capable of selling virtually?

It’s harder than ever to hit your number. 
Is it time to up your game?

Problem #1: Diminished Receptivity

The customer’s receptivity has more impact on influence than your value prop. Said another way, the customer’s willingness to listen is more important than your ability to position your solution.

Problem #2: It’s More Difficult to Get a Meeting

If your sellers are used to prospecting, other than a shift in messaging, there’s no new challenge here. But if you have a field salesforce of predominantly account managers, they can no longer just stop by. The casual, “Just checking in, to touch base and see how things are going” won’t cut it right now.

Problem #3: You’re Working Less Information, Much Less.

To influence, to sell, you need the truth. You need the truth about what people want, really want, what they fear, who is really driving the decision, and how the decision will be made. Unfortunately, when selling remotely, the truth is harder to discover.

Problem# 4: It’s more difficult to demonstrate value.

Before addressing this challenge, let’s pause for a second to talk about the inherent problem of motivating people to act.

Have you ever attempted to sell someone on an idea, whether a customer or a friend, and baffled at their unwillingness to change? Your logic was compelling, they genuinely agreed with your recommendation, but they did nothing?

Problem #5: Managing a Virtual Meeting

Transitioning from leading a face to face meeting or presentation, to a virtual presentation can feel much the same. It’s a meeting. We can all see it each other…sort of. But in reality, much as changed. 

For example, just ask a question and see what happens. Crickets. No one will respond. That doesn’t happen in a face to face meeting. When you are eye to eye, people talk.